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A couple of weeks ago I posted about one of my amazing clients with great style. She sent me some inspirational photos for her kitchen and I was beyond thrilled when I saw the images. Here is the one I picked as a starting point...

I sketched up 3 quick concepts to get the process started, it is a small kitchen so my space is limited but I wanted to make the most of what they have. Here is what I came up with for them...

The first is your basic as to be expected kitchen design. Blah if you ask me, nothing new & innovative, but I had to toss it out there. Fortunately they were not wowed by it either.


This was the second option. It does reduce the counter space a bit, but it also moves the microwave from the island to the perimeter. The detail in the center will be the corner pantry, instead of doing what most would do and just case the opening we are doing what is refereed to as a 'pantry wrap', the top cornice, freeze, and paneling detail will continue giving the entire area a built-in look and making the appearance of the kitchen larger.



Finally the last option, which is my favorite (theirs too). I used the detail of the open shelves on the right from the inspiration image as a concept for the area to the right of the pantry. Open shelving is all the rage right now in kitchen design and this will accommodate the requirements of the clients and look fab.


Our next step is plumbing selections and then we are off to finalize the drawings, selecting door & cornice detail, and start with the color selections. They did toss around the idea of a white perimeter and gray island, amazing. I really do have great clients! Hope your weekend was perfect and have a good week ahead. Mel xo

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