Kitchen Hack, Volume IV: Tagging Apples

We're not very apple savvy. We don't spend our hours debating the best way to identify them. Or the best way to grow them, cook them, or eat them. Though there is something wonderful about a tart, firm, crisp apple, we just don't have room in our brains to regularly identify by memory any but say the Granny Smith or the Red Delicious by taste and texture. We also get bored easily, and shop once a week. In order to ensure the best chances of the tastiest apples, we buy a selection. But how to know which is which without memorizing it? Simple:

Peel the produce sticker but do not throw it away. Wash and dry the apples so they are ready to eat and re-affix the label around the stem. Now, when you're tucking into that last apple for Thursday lunch before you grocery shop again, you can know whether the Jonagolds or Cameos are worth buying again.




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