KitchenAid Fail, Big Bird 2012, and ... Politics: Debate #1 in Tweets

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Missed the first Obama-Romney debate tonight? Twitter didn't.

Romney Emerges Ahead

KitchenAid Tweet Fail Mocks Obama's Grandmother

Someone doing social media for KitchenAidUSA caught Twitter on fire with a tweet about the president's deceased grandmother. The brand issued a swift apology.

Romney Obama Debate(Image: © Zhang Jun/Xinhua/

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#Big Bird 2012!

Romney's comment calling out Big Bird (and moderator Jim Lehrer) specifically when he discussed cutting PBS funding spawned a Big Bird 2012 trend and several fun new Twitter accounts.

Save Downton Abbey!

Don't mess with fans of the Dowager Countess: #SaveDowntonAbbey got hot, too.

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Twitter Questions Lehrer as Moderator

Tweets From the Right

Tweets From the Left

Kind of a strange night in social media, no? What did you think about tonight's debate? Did it change your mind -- about the candidates, social media, policy?


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