Knee Deep in Nastiness




I’m the biggest political junkie I know. I am so tuned into the political pulse of this country that I dream about polls and voter registration. I recognize that not everybody is similarly afflicted. For that reason, I make it my business to tell other people what they need to know about this Presidential election - whether they want to know or not. There is simply too much at stake in this election for any of us to embrace the status quo so I do my best to create a bit of curiosity.


I do have limits, though.


Today I learned that ‘a client’ of scandal attorney Gloria Allred has retained her to seek to un-seal records of a nasty divorce battle between a friend and business associate of Mitt Romney’s. It seems that Romney testified during the contentious trial and Allred wants to know what he said. I have one question, How low can you go?


What possible impact should the divorce of two individuals who are totally unrelated to Romney have upon the Presidential election? The answer is simple. None.

But when a political party is bent on mud slinging and mud is scarce as it is in Romney’s case, they have to dig deeper and wider. This shameful move extends the vetting process far beyond the Romney family and intrudes upon the privacy of people who did not sign on to be examined under the public microscope.


Now. Brace yourselves. I am just as dismayed by Donald Trump’s tease that he will announce a blockbuster, election changing factoid today at noon on Twitter. The consensus of opinion is that the Trump announcement will be about divorce papers belonging to the first couple. First of all, who could blame Michelle Obama for wanting to rid herself of the serial liar she’s married to? Secondly, who could fault her for staying married to the father of her children through the rough times? I see that as a mature, responsible thing to do and I applaud her for it.  Besides, they are 20 years into the marriage and we all know that the first 30 years are the hardest.


Even though he IS the President and subject to all the scrutiny Americans can muster, I’m not sure we need to know the details of their intimate lives. (Unless, of course, it turns out that the President IS a switch-hitter, as rumors have suggested, who likes men as well as women. Then I think the world needs to know…that’s the sort of thing which matters to most people in this country.)


My opinion of this muckraking is subject to change, but for now I’m a little dismayed by this feeding frenzy. We don’t need to go this far.


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