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Designs, Yarns and Etsy ! Hello my dear friends , it's been a busy year again and all I can say ....time flies !!!Last Year I started spinning and this month I published my first two knitting designs on Ravelry . As you know I love knitting . It helped me through difficult times , it makes me stay calm and it takes away all worries from me ....more

Finished Object Friday :: Outfit Along 2015

I'm so excited to share my finished outfit that I made as part of the Outfit Along! It was hosted by Andi Satterlund and Lladybird, and the official group was on Ravelry in the Untangling Knots group....more

All Free Crochet And Knitting Patterns

In just a few short days, my FB page, Sanderella's will be closed. I wanted the closure because all there is on my feed anymore in pages are advertisements, and those in which I have been following and enjoying for a couple of years are not coming through. So, I let everyone know and they can come over to my personal page where posts will appear from a site I opened if they want to....more

Comfort Food

With all of this cold, Cold, COLD weather, I was on the hunt for some nice, warm, comforting things to make for dinner.  Did I say it's been COLD?  Way below normal temperatures.  I left the house Tuesday morning and it was minus 11 degrees.  I think the high temperature that day was 8.  It's getting a little annoying. ( And to top it all off, I can't seem to find the right hat to wear.  I have a several completed knitted hats but none of them was just right to wear.  Either I thought it looked silly on me or it was too big.  Or it looked sil...more

A Cold List

Today, for you, is a cold list.  That is, a list because I have a cold and I'm tired and can't come up with anything else.  NOT because it is cold outside.  Because it's totally not.  A balmy 66 degrees which feels hot compared to the 20 degree weather we had recently.  Anyway, on with the list....1) Paul finished the puzzle without me:...more

Owl Hats and Apple Pie (Because they go so well together....)

Saturday morning around here was cooooooooold.  The pond even started icing over:....and the grass was crunchy....more

A List and a Realization

Before I go to work at the yarn shop today, a list:1) On one of the last days before it started getting dark at 2pm, Paul and I went for a walk at Thacher Park.  So pretty.  We always say we should do that more often but only do it sometimes....more

Hand-knit Seed Stitch Children’s Cowl

I have a new item in my Etsy shop! It’s a hand-knit seed stitch cowl. It’s actually for children, but it can be worn by a very petite adult, probably.  It was knitted with Loops & Theads Charisma yarn in Mulberry Bush. VERY pretty!...more

5 Knitting Tips for Beginners

Knitting has been going in and out of fashion with women for at least a century. Periods where it has been unpopular have generally coincided with huge victories for women’s rights. For instance, in the 1890s, women began wearing bloomers (so scandalous! :P). Knitting came back into style in the 1900s, only to go out of style again in the 1920s when women attained the right to vote. It came back into style during WWII and then went back out in the 1970s (shocker). Today, it’s not only trending again…it’s more popular than it has ever been....more

5 (More) Knitting Tips for Beginners

Looks like it’s time for another of these posts. I’ve been knitting since October and I’m having a lot of success with it. I’ve learned a lot since my last 5 Knitting Tips for Beginners post, but I still have a lot to learn (like switching colors–still not there yet. It’s on the list of things to do as soon as I finish this afghan I’m working on)....more