Something's Cooking

A few things are cooking around here today.Our pole building is getting started....more

My 30-Minute Infinity Scarf

Sometimes, I wonder why I left San Diego, CA for Paris, France. It's really fall out here and the temperature is very low in the morning ( in my opinion! ). Lucky me, Audra from The Kurtz Corner posted a video tutorial about knitting with arms....more

Eggplant out the Ears

My eggplant plants are out of control.   (I feel like that's not the right way to say it - should it just be "My eggplants are out of control."?)  They bloomed late and then grew just one at a time.  But now, they are all growing and I'm going to have eggplants coming out of my ears!...more

The Neverending Stole

I’m H...more

Make Your Next Baby Gift Homemade

Gift giving isn’t always a strong point for me.  I like gifts that are thoughtful and creative, something that often eludes me.  However, this time a good friend of mine just had a baby girl and I wanted it to be something homemade for the mother and baby.Read more......more

Yarn Barf


Easter Roundup

Welcome to NaBloPoMo!  A month of blog posts from your favorite blogger.....So, it's April 1st.  What a nice, pretty morning.......more

To Tablet or Not To Tablet?

I would love to hear your thoughts on tablets.  Specifically, please tell me whether I should get one....more

Knot Quite a Knitter Yet

@Karen Ballum That is awesome that you have the book!:)more

Tangled Tuesday: The Shoemaker’s Children Go Barefoot

 A skilled or knowledgeable person commonly neglects to give his own family the benefit of his expertise because he is keen on selling what he produces or offers with the thought that he can produce one for the family later since he is part of that family. ...more