The Socks from Hell

I have conquered the Socks from Hell.It is not so much that I have subjugated these hand-knitted demons to their knees so much that I have brought them to my feet. Snugly, quietly, they embrace my very soles, and you would never guess how much anguish, toil, trouble, and sheer screaming frustration it took to get them there....more

Impractical Crochet

I just finished making this "dishcloth" but it is a mammoth of a dishcloth.  It is really pretty but not very practical for washing dishes since it is about 10 inches in diameter.  Could you imagine washing dishes with something as big as a large pie?  Or a record? (if anyone knows what those are anymore)  It is bulky too except for the center.  I think I'll use it for dusting and I won't be making more of them....more
One of my Mom's friends is blind and everyone in the seniors building gives her leftover yarn. ...more

Finished Object: Handknit Milan Jacket for My Boy

I finished this sweater months and months ago, but it has been way too hot to get some pictures of Noah wearing it. Last week we had a brisk morning so I took advantage of the great light for a mini photo session with my little redhead. I'm so sad that Noah really isn't going to get a whole lot of wear out of this.  Fall in DC is still warm until October, so he will probably grow out of it before then.  I should have knit one size larger.  I just can't get enough of these pictures! ...more

Rainy Days In The BIG EASY...

Well, I didn't make it down to the French Quarters the next day because the heavens opened up and it absolutely FLOODED in New Orleans... ...more

Yarn in San Francisco

A trip isn't complete without a yarn shop visit.  This one was just a few blocks from my hotel - that could’ve been dangerous.  Luckily (for my budget), I found it when had a time limit, based on my conference schedule, but what a great little find....more

I Am Not a Machine

I’m very big on To Do lists. And whenever I feel overwhelmed, I plan my schedule pretty thoroughly– during my morning runs and yoga classes, my mind is often busy plotting out the day. Between commissioned pieces, packing and moving, various errands, projects, and the general need to keep up my Etsy stock, I’ve been relying more than usual on this super structured mentality....more

Repairing a Candle Flame Shawl

CANDLE FLAME SHAWLThis shawl is four years old. It's my favourite one and I use it a lot. The pattern is a free one, the popular Candle Flame....more

The Worlds Best Órói

The title of Worlds Best Órói has been claimed. But my Órói is pretty good, don’t you think – second best, perhaps?I’m just kidding, of course....more

R.I.P. (Rest in Pieces, you horrible sock)

    Here lies Sock....more

I might be killing a sock tomorrow.

  My pedicure unintentionally matches the sock I'm knitting (kid #2 says that showing this much joy over matching toes/sock and then taking a picture of such is more proof that middle age is a curse beyond bearing)....more