Disparaging Handcrafts In The Name Of Law – How Far Does It Push Us Back?

Well the lack of a good apology from the USOC continues. They seem to stand by the attitude that we have denigrated and disrespected, with no correction or word since the 2nd apology saying, "we know you clearly didn't mean to."...more

Crocheters/knitters didn’t “intend” to denigrate. That’s not an apology USOC.

Ugh. To follow up on yesterday's brouhaha with the Olympic Committee's letter to Ravelry: Looks like we've hit the big time. Crocheters and knitters took center stage in the news.Gawker was the first to cover Ravelry's plight. Though their take on the story handily left crocheters out of the picture....more

It’s Jocks vs. The Geeks Again: Thanks US Olympics Committee – Nobody Likes A Bully!

Jocks vs. the geeks. Men vs. women. The powerful vs. the weak. Though laws are meant to help protect people, seems our world never grows up and invariably "law" is used as a beating stick against those whom it was meant to protect....more

Hair Bow Knitting Pattern

Click here for pattern!         ...more
I love it.  Knitting is so much fun.more



Knitting Round & Round Until It Becomes a Hat

 In the last couple of weeks I  have started a couple of knitting projects, but have not gotten very far.  I have a pair of socks and an afghan sitting on the needles.  I think I will frog the afghan.  I'm not sure about the marigold socks....more

Now What?

A couple of weeks ago, I started spinning some Masham.  ...more
I think you should do that dragon fly wings! It looks beautiful! Perfect for a cool evening ...more




In the future I'll be posting my knitting, sewing, and cooking adventures with photos.Love-c...more

Spending Time With My Mom Knitting a Crooked Scarf

Today's writing prompt is "What was something you taught another person in your family?"     The first thing that came to mind was that I taught my mother how to crochet.  It must have been after my father passed away.  So she would have been about 64 years old....more