From the frogged pile to Finished object!

I never got around to posting yesterday. Oopsies.I had a full day at work and  the weather was nice so I took the dogs for a walk. I got back from the walk and plopped in my reading chair to read my latest Kindle download. I forgot I pre-ordered this book: ...more
I can't believe you ever put this in the frog pile in the first place. It's fabulous - I'm glad ...more

Finishing a Lopi Cardigan - the Front Bands

Seed Stitch Front Bands I say lopi cardigan, although this cardigan isn't in lopi. But it's a lopi pattern and the closest thing possible for the intended wearer. She has dreamed of a cardigan like this for a long time - and very soon her dream will come true.The front bands are knit, in seed stitch and sewn to the body. There are nine sts in each band, six for the band it self and three to cover the steek on the reverse side....more

Steeking Tutorial

I have been knitting a brown sweater, that is now a cardigan. I had of course been planning this from the beginning, hence the two purled stitches running up the front.Sure enough, I have some finishing to do, and the recipient has not decided if she wants a hood or not - but the steeking is done.I  usually secure the steek with a sewing machine:...more

Birds of a Feather - Knitted Owl Stuffed Animal and More!

The Scarf and The Pouf

Yay for me! (but also kind of sad, too!)  Over the holidays, I managed to refrain from scarfing up any and every sweet treat put before me.  This was doable, in part, because I.did.not.make.anything.  This is the first year since the dawn of my ability to cook, that I did not make oodles and oodles of yummies.  Why bother, not everyone in the house likes it all and most of it was being made out of habit "because that is what I have always done."  ...more

Return to Crafting Basics

I'm spending my free time going through all my crafting supplies recently. While doing so, I found an instruction booklet and kit for bookmaking, some kits for jewelry making and several knitting patterns that I'd set aside for some reason several years ago. In looking at my supplies, however, it struck me that really before I took up any of these activities, I needed to brush up on some basic techniques. ...more

tjstaab, sewmanybooks,

I hear you both on getting back to projects that you have ...more

Convertible Knit Cowl

About two years ago I cast on to knit a leaf patterned shawl. This one, to be exact...more

A pretty little cowl

Late one Christmas Eve, a sweet little knitter named Kristin had the idea to knit her heart out in hopes to complete an addition to a gift.  Aunt Jenny's bag was already packed but she wanted to add something more; a scarf or cowl or something like that.  She grabbed some Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed, DK weight, and used a pair of size 6 circs to cast on 35 stitches at 10:00pm.Since she is obsessed with the tubular cast on, that is the one she chose.  This took a minute, but was well worth it for the end result....more

My 2011 Top 5 gifts for Yarnies

If there's a knitter or crochet in your life you know that the winter holidays are fast approaching. You can tell by the boxes of yarn that start showing up at the door, the stacks of pattern magazines with post-its on the coffee table, and the gentle clicking of needles and whirring of hooks as entire seasons of TV are streamed on Netflix.  Evenings and weekends (and the occasional sick day) are consumed by turning gorgeous yarns into gorgeous, precious gifts....more
great post! thank you for sharing. i will check out the craftsy site.more

Baby neck warmer - very easy knitting pattern

Sometimes the easiest things are the most practical. Babies don't like scarfs, but thay often need somethind to warm their necks when its really cold outside. It's very simple and perfect to use up rests, as I did here.Neck-warmer...more