Know the value of a moment.

Image: MuseDays/QuotesEmpireIf we were to treat every single day as a priority to make self matter, we will automatically be more aware of all that truly matters.  We will be better at letting the truly small things go.  By making every day count to the fullest we should somehow manage to feel better.  Go to work.  Go to school.  Go where-ever it is you must go, physically and mentally, each and every day.  But, at the end of it, you should all feel you made the day count.

Life sometimes allows us to have a moment that we don’t even know to appreciate.  Not until it becomes a memory.  It can almost be overwhelming if it’s realized at a challenging time.  This often happens when we lose a loved on.  A time of reflection almost always accompanies such significant loss.  Often it’s thoughts which bring a smile to our heart.  Just imagine being intentionally aware of every single thing that happens to us every day and how every single part makes us feel.  Being more aware of not only how others make you feel but your own role in controlling those emotions.

Do you ever really notice the impact of others on your day and how it leaves you feeling; good or bad?  It’s that exact type of memory that has a tendency to come to mind when we no longer have a loved one here to share it with.  Later, reflecting on someone’s life or even our own life and our role in theirs, will have a different memory for us.  We have more control than we realize with creating positive memories.  Share them now, in the present time.

We don’t have to face regret later than we didn’t share with a person that little thing they did or said which made our day.  That memory we’ll never forget.  It may seem trivial at the time.  But, it’s not to be minimized.  It is worth sharing; now.  It happens one second.  One second later it is a memory.  Don’t miss one single chance to share now.  Later may be too late.  Make every day a priority to create good memories.  Start now with knowing the true value of a moment.  One moment later, it is a memory.  Don’t allow missed opportunities.  It’s too easy to take each day in life for granted.


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