Toxic Relationships and Why You Should Leave

I am not ashamed to say that I have been in two relationships in my lifetime that were abusive. The first relationship didn’t last very long, but the second one lasted an entire year. The second relationship was an emotional roller coaster I tell you! I endured emotional abuse. I couldn't figure out why he would say these hurtful things to me, and why was it that I would be the one left feeling bad, like I had done something wrong. He would say everything he could think of to make me feel inferior to him, to make me feel like I wasn’t good enough for him, and that I am actually the one who is lucky to be with him. He criticized my hair, my body, my interest, my hobbies, and the type of people I befriended, pretty much everything about me. Because I was already in love with him I did not leave, and every time he would talk down to me it cut through my heart like a knife. Knowing my character, the type of person that I am, how big my heart is, how loving, caring, and compassionate I am...I still questioned myself a lot. I had my share of heartache, and It took me a long time to build the strength and the courage to leave him.


I shamelessly put myself out there on this blog because I want everyone to know that I to have experienced abuse and it does not make you weak or less of a woman. We are all woman, and whether we know it or not we experience a lot of the same things in love and relationships at one time or another.


What I want to get into on this blog is that moment in time where we as women begin to endure, and give our power away. What shifts in our hearts and in our minds that make us begin to love a man more than we love ourselves??


Often times relationships like these do not start off this way. Most of the time the man portrays to be the “perfect guy”, very charming and sweet. When he gets comfortable or knows that he has you in his grips, this is normally when the real person shows up. As women, when we are in love it is hard to disconnect abruptly. Much too often we continue to sacrifice our happiness, and our time holding onto toxic relationships.




For any woman reading this post, in a situation like this or similar. I want to tell you that you are beautiful, special, and unique! If you weren’t than "He" would not be trying so hard to keep you down. The source of his abuse is deeply rooted in the fear of loosing you to someone better. If you are more insecure than he is than the chance of you leaving him are reduced. Insecurities like this most likely were not born with you, but are stimming from past experiences and relationships. A man is only insecure about a woman that he knows he does not deserve. Do not let any man treat you this way. You would not allow a man to treat your mother or your daughter that way. Give yourself that same Love!! Love yourself enough to not allow any man to treat you with anything less than love, respect, and appreciation. Life is too short! Do not waste time that you will NEVER get back with someone who does not cherish it. Be happy is a choice, and you are the only person responsible for your happines. Be You & Stay True! 


I wrote this because I Love Yall & want you all to realize our fiercely and wonderfully you are made!











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