Knowledge is Power, Perspective is Critical, Gratefulness is Profound. Let's Mobilize.

It has been an intense and emotional week, not naming any names, Hurricane Sandy.  I believe in my heart that humans are caring and want to help.  The only actions we can control are our own.  Knowledge is power, perspective is critical, gratefulness is profound.  In the best of circumstances they mobilize people to help others each and every day or at the very least, when disaster strikes.  Disaster has struck.  Let’s mobilize.

Please understand that in many instances, circumstances and communities, it is too early to accurately assess the full spectrum of needs.  Many places are still in triage mode and damage control.  Many places are still too dangerous to access or impossible to access.  As we learned from New Orleans, help in many forms will be needed in the coming weeks, months, years.  Sustained assistance across time will be key, not just now, when emotions and social media are running high.

There are actually ways to make the problem worse.  First, if you donate money please be sure you are donating to a legitimate agency.  Second, do not send packages or boxes of unsolicited items.  Wait until need is assessed and specified.  Many organizations are already posting specific needs, please follow those.  Third, do not mobilize private groups of people to show up unannounced to affected areas to volunteer.  There are agencies and organizations which will need all of the help they can get at the appropriate time and in the appropriate places.

Below are links to help you effectively help with Hurricane Sandy relief.  How to best help will change daily, so please keep up with the most current information.

If you have additional information and ideas, please post them and contribute to the discussion! Who should we follow on Twitter or Facebook? Where are you getting good information?  What websites should people monitor for updates?

Please visit these sites first for information on how to help (and donate) responsibly, wisely and effectively:

Charity Navigator


How to Help Now:

- Watch the Telethon “Coming Together” on NBC, tonight November 2, 2012 at 8pm.

- Monetary Donations can be made through the Mayor’s Fund at, through the Red Cross, the Salvation Army or Americares:


American Red Cross

Salvation Army


- Donate Blood.  Contact your local Red Cross for information.

- Volunteer to help clean up and re-build through a specific agency.


* Samaritan’s Purse

* Team Rubicon

* Habitat for Humanity

- Links and articles with lists to more specific and localized needs (Scroll to the bottom of each article for the most localized information):

Rock Center - How You Can Help

Forbes - How You Can Help

This includes how to thank a nurse or first responder:

Moms Rising - How To Help

- Animals - Check in with shelters impacted by Sandy in the coming days, weeks, months for specific local needs.

“You give to the world, you give to yourself, when you’re giving your best to somebody else.” – Donna The Buffalo


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