Kony: Suffer the Little Children

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As a result, if the group and the president lack the support they need to carry out their joint vision, the initiative will fail. Invisible Children understands the dilemma they face. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against them, but they are hoping that the voices of a few will help many.

By targeting influential stars, elite millionaires and policy makers, they hope to make their dream a reality. Otherwise, the nightmare Central African citizens call life ultimately continues.

In an article posted on The Telegraph, a news outlet from the UK, critics offered, "Suggesting that the answer is more military action is just wrong," said Javie Ssozi, an influential Ugandan blogger.

"Have they thought of the consequences? Making Kony 'famous' could make him stronger. Arguing for more US troops could make him scared, and make him abduct more children, or go on the offensive."

In addition, the group has been accused of supporting the Sudan's People's Liberation Army, a militia ripe with rape and looting accusations. The author of the site visiblechildren.tumblr.com,Grant Oyston, along with Dr. Tonya Lyons, various sociologists, and others, argues that funding Kony 2012 will not solve the problem.

Where the expert community seems to be divided on a viable solution, there seems to be no clear answer to this problem. Nor is there any clear consensus on Invisible Children and their intentions.

Still, it seems unlikely that Invisible Children's sole purpose relates to profit, as they have gained valuable and influential support for such a difficult issue, and now have millions of supporters worldwide. Not to mention: They don't seem to highlight their talents, nor do they delve much into their own personal backgrounds. They simply advocate the Kony 2012/Invisible Children mission, appealing to the humanity in all of us on a deeper level.

What started out as three guys and a camera on dangerous ground has made a profound impact and led to enormous support for humanitarian relief, which could stop the genocide taking place. If nothing else, the actions of the Invisible Children organization is certainly "shaping human history."

When the world learned what Hitler was capable of, millions of dead bodies later, it responded and inspired change. Likewise, Invisible Children is hoping that the world has seen enough.

"The better world we want is coming. It's just waiting for us to stop at nothing."

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