Kristen Herwitz

Corporate Counsel at BlogHer; Owner/Recipe Developer at

Ever since childhood, Kristen has had an unstoppable urge (frequently fulfilled, of course) to lick the batter off a bowl, spoon, finger, or any other kitchen utensil available.  Whether the desire arose in defiance of her mother’s cautioning against eating raw eggs or merely from the velvety chocolate deliciousness that is brownie batter, she can hardly say.  All she knows is that her predisposition towards tasting as-yet-unfinished products of culinary experimentation has continued to this very day. Kristen fearlessly attempts new, challenging, and sometimes exotic recipes in the tiny San Francisco kitchen she has outgrown, and has shared her cooking-related adventures online since 2008.  Although she could fill endless amounts of time researching, writing, cooking, tasting, discussing, and revising recipes on, as well as trying hundreds of new restaurants in San Francisco, she works full time as in-house corporate counsel at BlogHer.  Kristen is happy to hear from readers, and fellow lovers and makers of food and cocktails, and can be reached via facebooktwitterpinterest and email (