Kristendom's Guide to Social Media

Recently I was having lunch with my former supervisor, and we were discussing the difficulty of "teaching" people how to use social media, especially in a professional way. With the rise in popularity of social networking sites, the amount of information people share (and how they share it), has changed drastically, and it seems like there should be some sort of formula for what to share when, or how to use social media for your company. Oh, sure, I know there are guides out there that have this sort of information, but what fun would it be linking to one of those when I can make up my very own Kristendom guide to social media. Or maybe it should be called the "back-ass-wards guide to social media," since what I'm really going to write about are the types of social media users that drive me insane. The real trick here is to limit them to one post.

1. The chronic mis-speller. You are typing all of two sentences, and you can't take the time to make sure you've spelled things correctly? How lazy can you be? Besides the fact that if you're typing in Facebook, there's a spell-check already in place - do you not see the red lines under what you're typing? (Never mind that "Facebook" is considered incorrect even on their own site). Let me give you a hint - you're an idiot/lazy/incompetent - and now everyone else knows it. Way to go.

2. The text-speller. OK, this is really just an expansion of number one, but these people purposely mis-spell. Yeah, it really took me a whole lot longer to type out "you" instead of "u." Save the text-spelling for your close friends and, I don't know, texts maybe? See hint above.



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