Kristin Hyde

Passionate about empowering consumers with accurate information on controversial issues, Kristin is a natural networker with a proven talent for attracting prominent voices and timely media coverage to good causes. She has the highly unusual credentials of knowing both sides of the political aisle, working both inside and outside of government during her ten years in DC: on Capitol Hill and at the White House, as well as for progressive nonprofit organizations including the Sierra Club. Prior to co-founding Good Food Strategies, Kristin also established the Western states offices of Resource Media, leading media and communications initiatives on national and local issues.  

At Good Food Strategies, Kristin has spearheaded successful media and policy change campaigns including an initiative to boost public appreciation of local farms in Snohomish County; an innovative marketing campaign using student-produced bus ads to get King County kids turned on to healthy foods; and a campaign to pass the Local Farms Healthy Kids Act, which will bring more locally grown food into Washington state schools. Most recently, Kristin helped Good Food Strategies win a competitive grant from the McCormick Foundation's New Media Women Entrepreneurs program, administered by the Institute for Interactive Journalism, J-Lab, at American University; this initiative will launch an online tool to leverage the hunger for better information about food, engaging consumers in important food and farm policy issues.  Kristin lives in Seattle with her girlfriend, her son, and a proud posse of backyard chickens.