Kristin vs Pole... Round 2

Ok, so let us take a step back in time. Back to when I first visited Xpose fitness. Yes this was the result of that workout:

Bruises, lumps, scars... it was no joke. Let's just say my first time out of the gate, I was a little slow to learn, but I have been eager to try again ever since. (And also been trying to plan around events where I wouldn't need to show my legs... you know.. just in case.)

This time was a whole different experience. First, I didn't kill myself trying to do the moves. They came much more naturally, and I have to say I do not have any bruises... yet. Also, it was much more intense. We did many more spins that were a lot more difficult than what we did the first time, and honestly my arms and butt are killing me right now. Here are a few of the ones we tried...


Pin wheel: Wrap your outside ankle around the pole and spin while bringing your back leg up slightly bent.


Want to see more of my awesome class? Check it out:

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