Kroger vs Wal Mart

For a long time now Kroger's was one of the only places to get your groeries around here.  As I got older more and more grocers popped up, some sticking around for years others were gone so fast I barely remember their names!

Just recently Cincinnati and Daytonn regional Kroger's announced that they would be slashing prices on hundreds of items and as of March 1st would no longer take double coupons, that has thrown a wrench in my savings plans let me tell ya!

I went to Kroger's and couponed well saving 50% off my total bill,  Lately Wal Mart has been showing an ad to bring in your Kroger reiept and see how much you can save on the same items.  Um first of all after I spent a few hours at Krogers getting what I need I KNOW I don't want to shop for the same items at Wal Mart or anywhere else for that matter.  I am not an extreme couponer but I do price match to the best of my ability and study pirces while I am in the store making sure I get the best deal.

I have used Wal Mart's price match guarentee before.  It was arguably a bad experience because I had to stop the cashier on almost every item and show her the sales ad from another store and then she had to fix the price so my trip took twice as long, ugh.  The cashier was not pleased with me to say the least.

With Kroger's in my area (no news is all Kroger's are taking this action or not) no longer taking double coupons I will be looking at Wal Mart a little closer.  This week I shopped at Kroger and Wal Mart both finding I did save in some places and not in others when I left Wal Mart.  I love the idea that Kroger has seperate areas for cheese,  produce and wine unlike Wal Mart where it is all in aisles and looks less appealing to the eye.

What is a mama to do?  I will have to see if Krogere's new plan of price cuts plus my couppons really will save me in the long run or do I really want to pay for the convience of specialzed areas over cheaper deals at Wal Mart.

What do you think?


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