KU Says: Often Snarky, Rarely Wrong

I originally launched a blog called Unterekless Thoughts in December 2007 in an effort to keep my friends and family happy by no longer forwarding them links, articles, blog posts, etc. After it died a slow death in 2011, it seemed like starting over required a whole new domain.

Posts cover anything that interests me, which generally means a lot of random things I find amusing as well as politics, entertainment, baseball, food, reality tv, updates on my family and friends, and gchats used out of context.

I also learned while blogging for four years that my mother does NOT appreciate me sharing any information about her on this blog so please know that 100% of mom stories are shared without approval or permission.

Lastly, I work as a Vice President at Social@Ogilvy.  This means I may share social media campaigns that I or my colleagues are working on or experiences that occurred while traveling on behalf of Ogilvy or a client.  I want to stress that my posts are my own and do not reflect the position or opinions of Ogilvy or my clients and when I do write these posts I will include any necessary disclosures.