I know many of you are hanging “on the sidelines” this weekend at your child’s sporting event.  Dedication is often a word we use to describe our children when it comes to their sport.  However, I never thought of applying that word to what I do for their sport.

This week I am focusing on the “Labor of Love” and how our dedication to supporting our children in their dreams and desires can often sap our strength and exhaust us to the point where resentment can start to creep in.   None of us cares for that “icky” feeling of wishing we were anywhere but here, yet we often end up feeling guilty or “made wrong” for desiring to be doing something for ourselves. 

“Who ever told us that we have to be at every event to the point of not taking care of ourselves?”  Was it your mom?  Other moms?  The kids? 

Ladies, all I know is that we must remember that when we take time to care for ourselves we have more to give.  Freely.  Lovingly.  I know this can be hard, to actually think it as not selfish to put our needs before our kids.  I do the same.  It just ends up burning me out, sapping my joy and building the pile of resentment. 

Athletic Recruiting, practice, games and training all take time and dedication from you as well as your student athlete.  When you are running around managing this along with all of your other “womanly duties”, we often run out of time for ourselves. 

 If you can give yourself the gift of one hour a day, to do what you desire and be the person you were before the kids, what would you do?  

We have to work very hard to not lose ourselves in our children’s lives.  I am a better mother, when I hit my yoga class, head to a museum, read a book on my porch or hand off my “sideline” duty to dad.  You know what is funny about this?  The universe and God conspire to support my decision.  It is the times that I have my husband head off for practice or games that some sort of drama takes place.  Drama he is best suited to handle. 

So this Labor Day weekend, take a moment to plan some alone time to be the “girl” you were before the family.  I don’t care if you crank up the “80’s tunes” and dance, hit the yoga studio, go for a bike ride or take a nap!  Whatever you choose give your self the gift of time and self-care…you will be available to love more freely.