The Lack of a Debate

I joined BlogHer a few months back and the one thing I notice is the blog and people LOVE election season. Either that or no one else can find anything to write about. You go to and it's a bunch of people's opinions on either Obama or McCain. But how does no one see that they are not talking about anything??!?

Let me back up real quick...

I'm a Poli Sci major, I definitely understand politics, I learned how to run a campaign, and one of the most important things is to run middle. I get that! Trust me. But how is it that no one is seeing that neither side is saying anything? Anyone watch Reality T.V.? I'll admit I do... ever notice how there are always that couple of people who dont involve themselves cuz they don't want to take sides and as a side make alliances and piss people off? Yeah, those people normally get voted off.

It's also a different age. Now I log into the computer and immediately I see "McCain and Obama square off!" and immediately under that a link titled "Fact Check". Maybe they are afraid to say something meaningful, solid and state facts because they know America will Google them a second later and check them on it.

Has anyone noticed how drinking games and, and any other game you can come up with involving "catch phrases" are even more prevelant? I like playing a game that involves drinking every time Palin says "Maverick" as much as the next person but did we forget these people are going to be running our country??!? Did anyone come up with a game on how many times the candidates said the EXACT SAME LINES to answer DIFFERENT questions. Perhaps note cards shouldn't have never been allowed in any classroom.

I understand... I could go deeper and deeper into how newspapers, television, the internet, Perez Hiton have affected our society all the way to an election but the truth is I don't think I have to. I think there are just as many people out there that think the same way.

At least we have one thing to watch the debates for... we had a practice fire drill at work today.. we were all outside, me and my coworkers, enjoying the sun and chatting... and someone brought up tonight's debate and where they were going to watch it. I simply said "I'm tired of watching them. I'll catch the Saturday Night skit.. much more entertaining" and a coworker looked at me said "yeah, but it's more funny if you watch the debate"

and I had to agree.. ok I'll watch the debate so I can laugh even harder than I already do at Saturday Night Live. (or the Daily Show or Colbert Report...) and I feel that's what our country has come to.. and someone please wake me up when they finally start actually stating a plan, instead of me counting how many times they say "maverick", "cronies" or anything else on a drinking game.


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