Ladies, its okay to fake it!

Many dollmakers like to design dolls with curly, straight or frizzly locks. Doll wigs and doll hair can be expensive and the choice of hair styles is limited.

So, ladies ...

take a trip to the infamous dollar store, you know that place, where one can find everything from size 42 ladies panties to 10 pounds of stale cookies for just a dollar!

These havens of cheap junk, also sell fake hair in a variety of colors and styles. I have experimented with making doll wigs with this stuff and it worked wonderfully.

 Here's how

1. Cut desired length of hair.

 2. Using a hot glue gun, secure a circle of short curls around the hairline of the doll's head, leaving the middle of doll's head bald.

 3. Get a small child's or infant sock, the color should closely match the color of hair.

 4. Cut off the foot of sock, it now looks like a cap and should be smaller than doll's head so that it will fit tightly.

 5. Squeeze glue on the inside circle of the doll's head and pull cap over head, leaving the hair that was glued earlier exposed, that hair will be the bangs and side curls.

 6. Now, glue desired amount of hair onto cap and comb into desired hair style.

 7. To make a removable wig, do not glue cap to doll's head.

 8. One bag of fake hair should provide you with several doll wigs.

 Also for those crafty ladies who knit or crochet, there are many knitting and crochet patterns and stitches that can be used to design beautiful doll wigs.

With the wide variety of colors and textures of yarns available, imagine the possibilties!


ladies, it's okay to fake it, just don't tell anyone!




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