[VIDEO] Lady Gaga's Moving Tribute to Teen Suicide Victim Jamey Rodemeyer

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[Editor's Note: YouTube was forced to remove the original video due to a claim from clear channel media...which really gets my goat because this is a message that is more important than royalties CLEAR CHANNEL - get a clue. I've replaced it with a rogue video, and will continue to find new videos should this one be removed.]

"Mother Monster" those are some of the final words 14-Year-Old Jamey Rodemeyer ever wrote, as he reached out via twitter to say goodbye to Lady Gaga before giving up hope and taking his own life in response to vicious bullying and fear that it would not, in fact, get better.

Lady Gaga's emotional performance should be watched by all. I can't imagine the weight she carries, acting as a maternal figure to all of these teens searching for support.  I applaud her for continuing to stand strong in the face of such an important charge. The Bullying must stop. Teens can not be raised on fear of being who they are.

In May, Jamey Rodemeyer posted this video to his YouTube account:

Is there anything else to be said?  #MakeALawForJamey


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