Lady with a Parasol

I came across a  lovely picture that I felt echoed my heart visually. The scenery, style of dress and just the dignity of her stature greatly appealed to me.
I loved it so much that I took advantage of a Walgreen free print to get it printed out on glossy paper. Using a frame I got from the Goodwill, and leftover scrapbook paper I matted it and hung. And there we have it. All for less then $1.00. I see it is a tad off center, so hopefully I will get the picture made larger and improve the matting in the near future, but for now I am satisfied.

It was shared on my Facebook page, and a dear friend asked, "Nice! By the way,Where is she going ?" So I decided to tell her. Story below.
  • ladywithaparasol
Well, how I see is, she is making a few stops. That dirt road leads to a cousin's home and her grandmother lives a couple doors down from that. Her best friend lives at the very end with a big tree in the yard, but you can't quite see that yet.

There's a summer breeze blowing, she just has her parasol to shield her cocoa skin from the sun. See, she is known for her pretty skin and intelliigent eyes, and she doesn't like to squint from the golden rays bearing down.

It's a slow walk. She uses it to think. She has lots of thoughts and big dreams, and dreaming makes her happy. So the more she walks, the more she smiles.

Upon reaching her cousin's place, she will sip a bit of sweet iced tea from a cherished crystal tumbler. She opens up her bag to pull out a pan she had she borrowed. They will catch up on some town news, and her cousin will give her a butter pound cake to take to their Nana.

As she continues down the path, she hears an occasional "Hey now", from ladies shucking beans on their porches. The men tip their hats, mindful of the wife sitting next to them.

Little girls with banded braids come bouncing up asking for candy. She stops and pulls out some homemade hard caramels and hands them all around. The children sing thank you as they run off. Their loose satin ribbons and scuffed shoes making a song of their own.

She treads on, and doesn't mind the speckled dust that gently rises up with each step.

As she glances forward, she sees the petite outline of a woman standing near the road. Nana has been patiently waiting for her arrival. She bends down to kiss her Nana, the one who always loved her best. Her papery cheek felt cool to her lips, her perfume wafted up to her nose causing vivid memories of summers past to flood her mind.

The cake was sliced. They nibbled and made sure to catch all the delicate golden crumbs with the back of their fork. Then they sat for awhile. Not much talk, but still much was conveyed. See you don't have to talk much with your Nana. Your feelings just float in the air, and she catches them. Then sends them back gentle as a cloud. It's called reassurance. It's called comfort. It's called love.

She kissed her Nana's forehead and made her way back the path. She thought it was wonderful that no one had shared that road with her the whole time. Just her, and her alone. It wasn't often she had solitude, so she relished each moment.

Finally she saw her best friend's house. No one could miss it, as it was always immaculately kept, and the smell of herbs and lavendar always caught your attention. The big tree lay heavy with a well-used swing waiting for it's next occupant to swing high. The grass was kept tame, but flowers were allowed to have a wild side and bloomed everywhere making any passerby have a glimpse of botanic joy.

She picked a honeysuckle and sucked out the sweetness as she made her way to the swing. Her friend watched her, she knew her routine. She would swing for awhile, legs outstretched, head back, smile wide. She would make her way to the house soon enough.

To be continued...


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