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Happy Lammas

Here in the Northern hemisphere, we are celebrating the first harvest of summer. Besides the traditional food associations with "the harvest," the Irish version of Lammas' (known as Lughnasadh or Lunasa) is celebrated with festival games for testing skill and strength. Ah the Olympics! What nice timing!  Let the games begin! 

This is a fun piece (series, really) that The Colbert Report put together to bring an understanding of "dressage" to the common folk. Thanks to Mitt WrongForMe's wyfe for the Olympics equestrian fodder amid the zeitgeist this summer.

Last month, we went to New York to see a taping of the The Colbert Report in person and because of the personal connections involved, we got to meet with co-executive producer Rich Baum to talk about the show and the comedy business afterward! The entire trip was geared around a short holiday for us to see Stephen and take a short bite of the Big Apple! Our Colbert tickets were (thank you Harvest Goddess!) the result of my live auction bidding frenzy in April at my daughter's preschool fundraiser. It's not the first crazy thing I've done for charity but it is (now) the most expensive thing I've ever done.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Stephen's Dressage Training Pt. 1

Love horses and urban destinations? Check out A Horse Lover's 30 Hours in London. As for Better Know a District, here's how to ask your legislative leader on the Colbert Report.


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