The Lancet retracts autism- vaccine link story

Lots of people are covering this story now, though not everyone is agreeing that the link between autism and vaccines has been broken.

The short version is that in 1998 Dr. Andrew Wakefield wrote a paper claiming there was a link between the two. The Lancet published it, and vaccine rates started to decrease (in Britain, and later everywhere). 

Six years ago, the Lancet admitted that they shouldn't have published the research. But they didn't publish the actual retraction until this year. 

Apparently Dr. Wakefield was being paid to investigate claims that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccines were hurting kids. That doesn't mean he made any decisions based on that - but he didn't disclose this tidbit originally.

In any case, the General Medical Council finally got the Lancet to retract the story, but many people are still not convinced that there's no link between vaccines and autism.

Here's a simple summary of the story:


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