Lap after Lap after Lap

Blue sky over an outdoor swim meet

The following paragraph is not a remembered event; it is my cumulative observation of swimmers I have watched prepare for their races, in the many years since I became a swim mom.

She left the shady spot where she had been resting, and walked behind the timers. Watching the swimmers in the pool, she removed her headphones and took off her shorts. Her racing suit was made by Speedo. Fortunately, she had always liked their kneeskin suits; to not wear their brand would be an infraction of the sponsorship rules in the contract her team had signed.

Lane 4 had just come in. The field was spread wide; it would probably be another 30 seconds before the last swimmers of the heat before hers completed their mile swim. She propped a leg on the diving block and stretched, trying to get in her "zone" by pushing away other thoughts and just concentrating on the race ahead of her.

Although this was just an Age-Group Classic meet, she had been feeling nervous. She really was hoping for a swimming scholarship, and she knew the coach from her first choice of colleges was on deck. She needed to swim an impressive race.

The whistle blew. She mounted the block, took her mark, and dove in. The water enveloped her. Like precious cargo stored in her memory, her mind was packed with gratitude for everyone who had supported her dreams - and with the ambition of her goals.

These thoughts fueled her kicks, as she swam - lap after lap after lap.

This post was written as a response to a word prompt challenge. This week's Words for Wednesday prompt included the following words:
enveloped, shady, classic, speedo, infraction, cargo.  




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