The LAST Day of Class Ever!

Last week it occurred to me that Johnny Law was getting close to sitting in his last law school class- EVER. It didn’t technically occur to me, I was actually at work posting a Facebook update when I started noticing a steady stream of Johnny Law’s classmates praising the Lord for their last day in a classroom…well sort of.


Most have finals the next two weeks. Then there’s the bar exam that for most is precluded by 60 or so days in the classroom/library/coffee shop spent cramming/peeing their pants hoping they don’t fail and have to do it all over again come December. At least that’s what Johnny Law is doing. He had no Facebook update, but I had to share some of my faves from my Facebook friends.


I didn’t want to bother any of these genius Facebook posters for permission to use their name and photo, especially for a blog I’m pretty sure nobody reads, so I’ve kept their identities secret.  If you are one of the inspiring writers listed below, please feel free to claim your masterpiece- I think you’re hilarious!







Can’t wait to see some of the posts after they’ve all actually received their diplomas.


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