A Last Minute Christmas Shoppers Lament


Twas a week before Christmas and at my desk I just stared

At the sprinkling of sticky notes placed there with, um, care;

A sweater for Grandma, earrings for Aunt Gail

My son wants an X-box; I hope it’s on sale!


Get organized, get going – there’s no time to spare;

There’s only 5 hours until my dinner guests are here!


Out the front door I ran with a clatter;

On gift list, on credit cards, to ribbons and wrappers!

From Costco to Target to the mall - I missed none;

Pushing through the crowds until I was done.


Grabbing my gift list and checking it twice;

If I missed anyone, well, my thoughts were not nice.

A football for Bobby, a cell phone for Jane;

Happy little check marks by each and every name.


My back is aching, my feet are so sore,

I thought I would die if I had to hit one more store.


This can’t be right, I thought I was done!

But here on the back, I forgot my own son!

And Brian, and Sarah, and Larry, and Kathy;

I think I need a Starbucks; that would make me happy.


Listening to the chatter from the ladies in line;

All restful and laughing and just spending time.

Their shopping is done; their gifts are all wrapped,

And under the tree, “it was such a snap!”


Their stockings are hung by their chimneys; who cares!

Tell me your secret, this just isn’t fair!


They sat at a table; I found a close chair,

Sipped on my latte and tried not to stare.


“I shopped in my jammies and slippers with tea,

As my fingers did the walking, through my shopping spree.”

What is she saying? Then the light bulb went on; my palm hit my forehead -

The Internet moron!   


My eyes, how they twinkled!  My smile, oh how merry!

As I shopped in my jammies for Brian and Kathy and Sarah and Larry.


Tennis backpacks, and sweaters, an X-box and more,

All on their way to my wreath adorned door!


One little sticky note is left on my desk,

A reminder for next year and my shopping quest.

“Shop on the Net and stay out of the stores”;

Then your Christmas shopping won’t be such a chore.


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