Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake, Plus More Rosh Hashanah Recipes

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Happy new year! Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown on Wednesday night. In the United States, traditional Rosh Hashanah foods include apples and honey, pomegranates, and Ashekenazi favorites like brisket and kugel.

Image: Courtesy of Food Wanderings

As Maryanne from My Chic Life explains:

Food is an important aspect of Rosh Hashanah. Many of the foods served during this holiday are due to their symbolic meanings.

Apples dipped in honey is a traditional snack as it symbolic of hopes and wishes for a sweet new year. Apples are also often associated with the sweet apple orchard fragrance of the Garden of Eden. Other foods that allude to prosperity and abundance include pomegranates (for their many seeds), fish (because of their ability to multiply), and round-shaped Challah breads.

Rosh Hashanah doesn’t have the same food restrictions of Passover (gluten-free, no leavened bread, no dairy mixed with meats), so there is more ease in preparing menus and meals.

Maryanne has put together a delicious list of recipes from around the web for last-minute Rosh Hashanah dishes. Check it out here.

Amy from What Jew Wanna Eat also offers up more than a few-- 50-plus!--recipes for Rosh Hashanah. As Amy proudly posts on her blog’s banner, “this ain’t yo bubbe’s blog,” so she shares her untraditional creations like Vegetarian Chopped Liver; Apples, Honey, and Goat Cheese Crostini; and Potato Zucchini Kugel Cupcakes.

Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake
Image: Courtesy of Food Wanderings

Shulie from Food Wanderings has some downright elegant suggestions in her favorite Rosh Hashanah recipes recap, including Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake and Lamb Biryani. She even substitutes Artichoke Bottoms Filled With Carp 'Meatballs' In Ouzo and Fennel Sauce for the love-it-or-hate it gefilte fish.

What are you planning to serve on your Rosh Hashanah table? Please share (and link to your recipes) in the comments.


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