Last Night I Stood In The Rain

Last night I stood in the rain;

Hard and wet and stinging my skin;

Collecting at the tips of my lashes;

Waiting to be rain again.


This morning I rose to pools of shame,

Windows reflecting years of my hurting.

Collecting, running, drifting, lingering;

Birds mocking, a cocophanous pang.


Last night I stood in the rain;

Washing down, smoothing my hair;

Changing the color of my prose.

Whispering, tapping, screaming in vain.

This wavering pool bids me recall

The wet and the sting and the bite of it all.

Morning revealing in puddles appearing

The flight I was nearing when last night's rain kept me sane.

--Kimberly Jorgensen Gane Original, Copyright 2010, all rights reserved.

Edited 09/12/13 from the original I posted when I lived in San Diego where it was dry.  I was desperately missing Michigan, where it rained often; the cleansing feeling of rain, a good old-fashioned Midwest thunderstorm and the fresh smell of it in the morning.  After two years in San Diego, I'm delighted to once again reside back in my hometown in Michigan.


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