Last presidential debate of 2008 tonight: Watch with us here!

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Tonight's your last opportunity to watch two men who would be president, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, take questions about how they would lead the United States.

Will you watch? What's the one question you would ask if you were Moderator Bob Schieffer? (Ellen Bravo has some great questions for both campaigns left over from her post "What Women Wish Gwen Ifill Could Have Asked.")

An estimated 60-65 million Americans will tune including us here at -- join us at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, 6 p.m. Pacific Time as we live-blog the event. Instead of transcribing as I did last time, I'll record each question in the comments and then we can debate their answers ourselves. I hope you'll join me!

Tonight's debate is happening as a CBS | New York Times survey says Obama has opened a 14-point lead over McCain, and former "HillRaisers" for Democratic hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton held a big fundraiser for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Here's what I'm reading from you thus far this morning:

Audreyh68: Paralyzed With Fear Over the State of Our Economy - "I had a wonderful post ready to go, all about "A Day in the Life
of..." and then I went and watched a program on the idiot box about the state of the economy and after curling up into a little ball, rocking back and forth..."

Sara_Callow: Riding the Down Escalator Up - "At a time when the market is tumbling around us, homes are falling out of escrow for lack of financing, nearly everything dollar related seems terribly unstable, and the daily newspaper details depressing stories of families in over their heads on a house purchase - we are buying in..."

And, because I love you all and have a heart, I'll close with:

Megan Smith: Political Comedy Videos Are Not Just For SNL & Why Aren't There Any Pro-McCain Parodies? - "With twenty-two days left until Election Day 2008, I thought now would be a good time to bring you some political video parodies that aren't so well known, but still quite funny..."

Okay, let 'er rip!

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