Last Run Before The 5k...

I knew this needed to be a good run after Tuesday's or I'd be even more nervous for Saturday. Thank goodness it was!

I ran 2.1 miles then took a walking break then another .55 miles for a total of 2.65 miles. I think I could've done the whole 5k this morning but once again my friend, Stella, was visiting and she took up a little of my time! She bounced her head up at me and flapped her tail. She has such a good personality!
Tonight I have my favorite yoga class and we have a little party afterwards. I will be seeing some of my Yoga Teacher Training friends too! I miss them SO much!

 I just joined Pinterest it is a great site for sharing images and creating your own image boards. I'm BRAND new to it but follow me there too! I will be creating some today. I have a few invitations left so if you are interested I can add you!

Have a fabulous day! I am still taking as much advice as I can get for Saturday.


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