The Last Times of Parenting

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[Editor's Note: There are lots of "last times" in parenting. Most of the time, we don't know they are coming. I honestly don't remember the last time my youngest sat in his high chair or the last diaper I changed. As Emily at Mothers of Brothers points out, sometimes we do know about an upcoming last time... and that makes it more difficult. -Jenna]

The Last Time:

Last WalkI have never figured out quite how to do this correctly.

Do I walk him to school differently in these waning days? Do I slow down? Do I gaze more longingly at my beautiful child of whom I am so proud already? Do I take yet another photograph of the back of his head as he takes the lead? None of these actions or meditations will capture this time any better. I will not remember it more vividly nor create any opportunities to experience it again no matter what I do.

Sometimes it feels unfair to know about the “last time.”

After all, are we not completely unaware of most of the “last times” in our life even as they are occurring? You can not replicate the exact circumstances of any instance, so isn’t everything a last time?

The last time we will have sushi as a family in June when I am 42 years old…

The last time the boys will go to camp when they are both still shorter than I am…

The last time I will write about last times on Mothers of Brothers…

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