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Have you ever thrown a plate, watched it shatter to a million pieces and then tried to put it back together? Well, if you have then you are just WEIRD first of all. Second of all it DOES NOT WORK! Let's say that you do glue it all back together, the cracks are going to still be there. You have just caused permanent damage to the plate by shattering it. What I am trying to get at is the fact that words can do the same kind of damage. My ex had to find out this life fact the hard way..

Five years into the relationship, my ex and I were planning our marriage, building a family together and the whole shabang. We were happy together. That is until I walked in on him bending over some girl in our own bedroom and bed! The same bed that we bought together, slept in and made love in. I have never felt so betrayed in my life. I mean I gave this man EVERYTHING. I gave up my dreams of moving to New York and go to law school in order to stay and be with him (LADIES NEVER DO THAT BY THE WAY!). When I asked him why all he had to say was that he could tell I have lost interest in sex, that my sex drive dropped and it made him bored. Well excuse me! I was in the middle of planning our wedding, moving and building a family with you! At that moment, I was the plate...he completely shattered me. Needless to say, I left him and of course he tried to glue me back together so I can be with him but that was not going to work. The damage was DONE! So never say anything that you will regret because you will cause permanent damage.


So now as a single women with a supposed low sex drive I decided to go online and buy a "female sexual enhancer" so I can have crazy sex with someone and show him that my libido was still there (WRONG of me to do but I am a female and we have to get our pay back ;) ) I looked online for one and came across Mami's Estro by Global Pharmedica. I read some of the reviews on it and decided to give it a try. I am SO glad that I did because man, it worked way to well. I had more energy, confidence and urge to have sex then I ever had in my life. If you guys are looking for a sexual enhancer (especially if you are trying to get revenge) then take Mami's Estro.

They have a promo code circulating around to get 10% off your order. Its GLOBAL22.


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