Laundry, dishes, dusting and dogs ~ A humble moment, at the right time

Laundry, dishes, dusting and dogs seems to sum up my morning of activities. Monday always seems to hold the highest number of chores in my home since we are usually coming and going all weekend to our kids events. There is never time Sunday night for me to actually get a head start on these chores, especially with another kidney stone trying to make its path out of my body tearing everything in its path. Taking on these duties while running after my two-year old who is actually a lot like my kidney stone in aspects..she is tearing up everything in her path and doing it with great pride, can be nothing but exhausting. All while keeping a time-table in my head on what needs to be done when to achieve all my tasks before I have to pick up the kids from school early to head to Mckayla’s basketball game in Creswell for the evening. SIDE NOTE: I feel I am an amazing multi-tasker, I wish I could bottle some of it up and sell it cause I am pretty awesome, and if I could, I would sell my first bottle to my husband..(but lets keep that to ourselves:) Anyhow….My main reason for an entry smack dab in the middle of my busy day would be a moment I just had that made me reflect on one of many of my blessings in life.

While dragging a full basket of dirty laundry out of my room I heard faint music outside of my window. Curiously, I was drawn to my window to investigate. Across the field next to my home was my daughters middle school band marching around the track playing Christmas carols while twirling themselves and their instruments gracefully, only exuding confidence and the holiday spirit to all who heard or caught a glimpse of them. Deck the halls was their chosen tune, I was searching the rows for Mckayla and her trombone (she is the only girl who plays trombone :) . Just as they were coming around the bend of the track, closest to the house I found her. What I found was not my first-born little girl, it was the makings of a women I have watched grow everyday of her life. Why is it I see her everyday but today when I was watching her I found a stunningly beautiful “almost teenager” who is as tall as I am, long brown hair trailing behind her, who just happens to be wearing my jeans without asking! Seriously?? Returning right back into the moment I was awestruck by, I found myself tearing heart skip a beat..and gasping for a breath all at the same time. While still my first-born, she is no longer a baby, she is becoming a beautiful women who has the ability to take my breath away just as she did the first time we met. I couldn’t ask for a better time for God to stop my day and say “Wake up Jennifer…yes you have responsibilities..yes they are not always fun…but look at what you have accomplished out there…remember your blessings..stop and be appreciative of all of them…including the large amount of dirty laundry you are dragging across the floor…it just signifies you have many blessings in your house you can enjoy..not everyone is as fortunate”

Look around your surroundings today..see if you can find a nagging chore or task that you can count as a blessing that many cannot.



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