Laundry Room

“I’ve dreamed about this day.” Maz said stepping away from me.  “Is there a limit on what went on in my dream that I can do for you.”

“No.” Before I could get the word out of my mouth, he took hold of my feet and spun me around.  He took two steps back and jumped up on the dryer with me.  He placed his body on top of me giving me the queue to lie back on the washer.

The sensation of heat on my back and cold on the upper half plus the sound of water rushing through my ear sent chills throughout my body or could it be the sensation of his hands between my legs.  I let the momentum of the wonderful sensation take over me and let my leg hang off the dryer, giving him more room to play with me.  I couldn’t control myself. I let my hands go through his hair as his fingers left my body to enter into his mouth. He gave me a simple smile, placed his weight on top of me and placed my legs on his shoulders.

That giant monster of his knew where the entrance was and slide in. the pressure of the first push caused me to give a slight tug on his hair.

“I like that.” He said adding in three more pushes.  By the umpteenth push the spin cycle kicked in helping me with my counter movements to his thrusts.

“Talk to me.” He said.

Talk? What should I say? What could I say when I couldn’t say a word.

“Tell me what you want me to do?” He said.  I looked into that stern face as I felt the wetness between my legs flow out of me and onto the cold washer top.

I was somewhat put back. The whole point of this was for us to get our rocks off, not for me to give instruction on the art of pleasing me. If you asked me he should find out like the rest and be surprised. But wait.  That sounds like a winner. Again I let one of my legs fall to the side of the dryer.

“Bite my nibble.” The words spilled out of my mouth as my body yearned for the action. The grin of agreement came to his face, without missing a push he did as he was told. The added bit of the flicked of the tongue drove me near crazy.

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