Laura Sampson

Laura Sampson has been doing right by her sons for 17 years. She lets them get bored so they can entertain themselves, routinely cooks nourishing whole foods and teaches them to do their own ironing, cooking and sewing. Laura lives in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, known as the vegetable capital of Alaska in a Colony House dating from 1935 and the 'New Deal'. She, the boys and her 'real' husband Jack attempt to grow as much of their own food as possible on their Micro-Farm. Given that the the vegetable and fruit growing season is only 90 days long this can be quite a humorous undertaking at times. They also forage, hunt, fish and raise meat and egg birds to feed their family. They put their harvest for up for winter use by canning, freezing, drying, smoking, curing and cold storing as much as they can.

Laura is an accomplished Alaska Master Gardener and has been in the soil since she was old enough to crawl, and raises all their food, meat, vegetables and fruit organically. She also loves to read, sew, knit, cross country ski, bike and hike. In her spare time Laura volunteers regularly with Birchtree Charter School, Alaska's newest Waldorf inspired Charter School, of which she is a founding member.

Most importantly she recognizes that "the days of motherhood are long but the years are short" and adjusts her attitude accordingly. Laura blogs their life and times at  Some like to call her the Queen of All but you can just call her Laura.