Lauren McMillan

Celiac Teen & The Kitchen Generation
Lauren McMillan is a baker, writer, photographer and high school student. At eighteen, she's in her final semester of high school, soaking up the last few months. Since her fifteenth birthday, Lauren has written Celiac Teen - a place where she shares gluten-free recipes, musings, photos and snippets of life as a teenager with Celiac. She considers being diagnosed with celiac disease one of the greatest gifts, as going gluten-free alleviated her health issues and encouraged her to fall in love with food. She spends all too much time on twitter, but is grateful for it, as that was where so many friendships have blossomed. Some such friendships - as with Elissa Bernstein, Hannah Queen, Kamran Siddiqi and Tessa Arias led them to launch The Kitchen Generation in February of 2011. Lauren also loves to give what she can, so when the earthquake in Haiti happened, she created an ebook and has raised nearly $6000 for Haiti relief. In addition to her ebook A Hand for Haiti, Lauren's work has been included in two cookbooks: Blog Aid for Haiti and The Whole Family Cookbook by Michelle Stern. When not baking and creating for Celiac Teen and The Kitchen Generation, you can find Lauren wrapped up in a good book or writing letters between class, no doubt with recipe ideas swirling through her head.