Law and Media Roundup: It's all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Aretha Franklin's iconic song. It seems like the perfect theme song for the posts in this week's law and media roundup. Here's a link to a you-tube clip you can listen to while surfing along with me.

The Divorce Diva offers crucial information to help you get unhitched without becoming unhinged:

"If you are just taking that enormous deep breath and considering a divorce, or in the middle of that shock zone that follows the split, the first thing (other than getting a really good haircut and a couple of new pairs of shoes) is to do some real world checking about the legal issues relative to your state...

the rest of the post points to useful resources to get you started. By the way, you probably shouldn't send any important private communications about your divorce via e-mail -- unless you don't care about it staying private.

Faye Anderson is spreading the word about the Enough is Enough Campaign, which seeks to:

protest the commercialization and marketing of negative and derogatory images of black men and women in the entertainment industry....

The campaign's first protest site, scheduled for today, is at the home of Debra Lee, CEO of BET networks -- a network Anderson describes as "one hot ghetto mess."

Gina at What About Our Daughters says that organizers are expecting at least 500 people at today's protest. She's also calling out politicians investigators and community members for failing to act on the rape and torture of a woman and her 12-year-old son in a Florida housing project last July. Here's a sample of what has Gina saying that city officials are "stuck on stupid:"

"Following the international spotlight landing on their city for this heinous crime, the city commissioners moved into "action" and set up a private security patrol in a place the residents called "hell on earth." Now the money is running out and folks are fighting over funding more security. Now mind you these folks can't even install light bulbs in the street lamps of Dunbar Village, the residents live in Florida without air conditioning despite air conditioners being donated and the Police Chief, Delsa Bush has said that a $1,000 reward is sufficient to induce people into providing information on the remaining six gang rapists that are running around West Palm Beach, four months later."

On September 14, an appeals court overturned the conviction of Mychal Bell, 17, in the infamous Jena Six case, saying that he should not have been tried as an adult. has been providing historical context and illuminating perspectives on the ongoing saga.

Finally, Anka Rahman is upset with the Senators running for president for missing last week's vote on the 2008 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill, which was passed with an amendment allowing Pres. Bush to withhold funds for the UN family planning services. Rahman, heads the advocacy group, Americans for UNFPA. which maintains that proper family planning services could prevent many of the hundreds of thousands of maternal deaths that take place each year. Conservatives have block US contributions to the UNFPA for several years because the agency makes contraception and abortion available to its clients:

"Since I work for a charity, a federal law prohibits me from telling you who votes how. But I think I'll risk telling you that four of the current crop of presidential candidates are supporters of UNFPA and could have changed the outcome of that vote.

"Last week I imagined a debate in the not-too-distant future in which the moderator asked, "Senator, if elected, would you restore funding to UNFPA to assist in global efforts to promote women and reduce poverty?" Now I have to re-imagine my question: "Senator, what were you doing that you missed the vote to renew U.S. participation in the largest international effort to prevent maternal mortality, the spread of HIV and promote family planning and girls' access to contraception?""


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