Lazy Days of Summer

Summer time and the living is easy…….I remember as a child growing up in the countryside near a small town, and my dog Red and I would run across the road to a creek. We would follow the woodsy trails, and I would love laughing at Red while watching him splash around in the water just to get the sticks I tossed. No cares, no worries, just enjoying life as it was.

Fast forward many years (too many to tell, LOL), and finding as an adult we forget to let life be so easy. We feel we have to make it hard; struggle to get what we want, because we think that is the only way we deserve the “whatever.” We struggle to get where we want and then fight to live our dream. Has it ever crossed your mind that all that struggle defeats of the purpose of living your beautiful dream? Your inner voice, or ego, tells us that we must struggle or what we gain just isn’t worth it. Something we must have learned through our growing up process. Life is about perception of our reality. Who said “Life is hard and then you die?” Probably some grouchy old man who thought life was against him. Reality is the truth, the facts of what is. The perception is what the truth means to you. When you’ve got the right balance, the struggle ceases to exist and life flows easily like my childhood creek.

When the voice in your head says, “Life is only worth anything if you struggle . Listen, question it, then easily, effortlessly, prove it wrong and LIVE.

Who is in the driver’s seat of your life; you or your ego that says you need to struggle?


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