Le Sibille from myth to reality!

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Today I wanna talk about the encounter exciting , historic, warm that has enveloped me and Saraduring our visit to the VicenzaOro Fair and that left us as intoxicated...
Also Sara will tell you about Le Sibille with further exploration on her Blog... don't miss it!
Le Sibille (The Sibyls), a name which itself already contains a story to tell !
Yes, this is the name chosen by these women ! Who were Le Sibille? ! They were women who were anticipating the future, equipped with supernatural virtues, inspired by God and provided their responses and gave their blessing before a trip and many flocked.
And Le Sibille, right now, who are? They are "Le Sibille Jewellery ", why? ! There are three gorgeous women ( with Sara we got to talk with two of them ), but we were fascinated, seduced , I'd say that they could not choose a better name, because they are women who have magical qualities with their hands can create of precious treasures, but the thing for me particular and that leaves me speechless is that their jewelry affecting the heart, tell you a story... and tell us so much love, passion and history ...
Their lines are 3:
Lilliput ,
I Giganti ,
I Micromosaici .
Three lines with different processes and different materials, with different style, but united by the same thoroughness, uniqueness and beauty.
The micromosaics, however, are the ones that pierced my heart. Mosaic is an ancient art, a special processing of precision and meticulousness, which was created in antiquity as to tell a story, was inserted in the architecture and became an integral part of the environment in which it lived and these mosaics almost telling it  I think they do the same, tell you a story.
If you choose one of their  jewelry is to tell a story, it is an identification as scream to the world who we are, each one will be caught by something other than, in fact both me and Sarah, with our tastes we were captured by differnt jewels but from the same line. The color that represents you, the design, the story that encloses and not less important for the goldsmith who say they are really small Totem to be able to expose as little precious or jealously .
We remained really fascinating, didn't you understand?!?
Le Sibille are also synonymous with reliability, trustworthiness and reliability,  they are for many years from the jewelery sector , there are three women who started to play, and all three have different backgrounds , and together they decided to found Le Sibille, and for this we are grateful ;)) .
Currently they are a team with more than 10 women each with a different task, each with its own specialization in the creation of these works of art, entirely HANDMADE, making all their own, by design, the spinning of glass paste, cutting, composition of the mosaic, the processing of gold, the granulation, embedding and everything there is to make, because they believe in the return and the enhancement of manual work ... I can just agree with them ;)))
They utilize all the ancient goldsmith techniques in their work also the wonderful Cammei, use and work important milestones such as corals, but also lava stones, do you know the difference between the lava stone from volcano Etna and Vesuvio?...
Theirs is a niche market, they produce a jewel that must hit and tell... but fortunately I would say their "styling" is recognized around the world where they are present.
What to say more? ! ? ! Search, follow them , look for their precious, let yourself be dazzled and win ... you will not regret... and go to read Sara 's post about the news, a real scoop related to Le Sibille .

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