Leadership Lessons: The Agony of Being Typecast

Imagine this really ugly situation. The YOU who is always strong and competent, can always dance with dilemmas, and loves to embrace complexities, passes out from exhaustion and overwork.

YOU always have the answers. YOU are the one your staff comes to knowing that every problem will be discussed and solved quickly and easily.

Now YOU do not have answers. YOU are tired and scared. Your body is telling you something has to change.

How do YOU go on? How do you follow through with the daily challenges at work? How do you ask for help? Who do you turn to?

This situation is amazingly common with super-achievers.

The pattern of always being so competent and so knowledgeable has, as everything does, its downside.

Take for example that powerhouse with the beautiful name of Arianna Huffington.

Yet, when she got her wake-up call (hint: we ALL get a wake- up call sooner or later), she had some deep and hard thinking to do.

In her book “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder” she does a deep dive into the missing ingredient that comes after money and power have had their day. It is about what well-being really means in this century that is often on over drive day and night.

A great article by Kathy Caprino (www.kathycaprino.com) will give you a jump start on reading the book. Kathy is clear, concise and will cheerlead you to looking at your life from a wider lens.

Want to really bump it up? Come to the GUTSY WOMEN Weekend in the Pocono Mountains and find out exactly which patterns of behavior have followed you from your original organization, the family, into your present organization at work.Everyone gets a wake- up call. You can be ahead of the curve by plotting your own time line and making changes before you get a knock on the side of the head.



Sylvia Lafair, PhD.
Award Winning Author
CEO at Creative Energy Options, Inc



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