Leading a Double Life Online and Offline

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I recently made a new friend, and one of my thoughts was "when do I tell her about my blog?" It's not a secret, but it also isn't something I necessarily lead with. Still it can make me feel sometimes as if I treat my presence in the online world as I would a spy cover.

Jodifur says it perfectly when she describes her online and offline world as leading a double life.

But there are still people in my life who don’t know about this space. Who I think would be upset if they ever found out, and who would be hurt that I choose not to tell them. And almost 7 years later it would be hard to be like, yeah, I just um, forgot.

As for work, I have tried very hard for that whole section of my life not to know about this. But there are times where I feel as if I live a double life. SOCIAL MEDIA JODI. LAWYER JODI. I need a cape.

Go read Jodi's entire post and also tell us: Does everyone in your life know about your blog or do you lead a double life?

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