Leap, Anyway

So.. sometimes.. you just gotta roll with it.

Photo by Joe Cingram

I remember once, I was about to take a HUGE LEAP.

And I was scared to death. A person really close to me at the time, told me they had a dream about me.

In the dream, the Lady Liberty was  falling on me. I saw it coming, and I wasn't scared. They said a child was holding my hand, and they were trying to decide if they should rescue me, or the child. They ended up reaching for and rescuing the child. And they said I died.

At the time, because the LEAP was so significant  I decided to interpret this dream and take it seriously, because  i REALLY  needed answers. I knew what I WANTED to do, but  I  felt  I had no courage. I asked the person, "What do you think this dream means?"

They said:" Well, I think the dream is saying that you are  going  to sacrifice something, and in your deciding to do it, you may die."

I thought about it, contemplated... and said: "Hmm... death is not such a bad thing. After all. Jesus died and HE GAINED VICTORY, TOO." 

Turns out, I really didn't have to die, I just had to be careful enough to LOOK FOR THE VICTORY.

And I did.. I sought out victory , like never before, and I made my decision  I LEAPED.

And I fell on Victory.


I wish I could tell you who the person was, and what I was going through, but I am not sure that matters.

I think what really matters, is : When you are desiring to LEAP, and you aren't sure what to do... LEAP anyway.

You may just fall into Victory.

Jennifer R. Owens

Email: jennifer.owensgroup@gmail.com

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