Learn to blog and get paid: For Beginners

How to get started blogging

A great way to earn extra money online is by starting up your own blog. It’s not difficult to get a blog started. We will take you through the key steps in this article.

What  is a blog?

A blog is simply an online diary or journal written and updated regularly by an individual.

What’s the point of starting a blog?

Blogging has become a very popular online activity and an excellent way for people to make money online. Many people who hear  of others making money online with a blog don’t quite get how it works. Here are the basics.

  • Decide what your main blog topic will be about.
  • Plan what types of content you will add to your blog.  Post topics, images, categories, etc..
  • Sign up with a free online blogger site to get your blog started.
  • Start adding content to your blog
  • Once you get a little content on your blog, begin sharing your blog address with your family, friends and co-workers.
  • After you’ve begun to build up some traffic on your blog, go to Google Adsense and get a few of their ads up. This is the first step to getting income from your blog.
  • Continue to market your blog online. Share your blog address on social websites you use, like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.
  • About 30 days after your blog has been live, you can begin applying for affiliate programs. This will be another very big way you will bring in money from your blog.

Here are some beginner tips on  all the steps I speak of above. Also please see the different categories in this blog, to get further details and resources.

What do I write about that will help my blog be successful and be read by others?

First off and most important, write about a topic that you have knowledge of and a passion for. This will ensure you will enjoy writing the blog and readers will enjoy reading it. Know your topic!

What are some ideas of blog topics? Here are  blog topic ideas to get you thinking.


Once you narrow down possible topics, do some research on other blogs in this topic. If you want to write about cooking, do a searchfor “cooking blogs”.  See what other top cooking blogs are doing, how they layout their blogs, special features they have, etc. This will help to give you ideas on what you can do with your blog, how to add something different that’s all your own and hopefully add something great to those looking for blogs in this topic.  Do not be intimidated by what you see! Many of these blogs have been up for years and I guarantee, they all had humble beginnings. Just be excited for what you can add for others to read and have confidence that you will succeed.


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