The Learner Observer

My name is Thalita and I'm a newlywed and new home owner looking for creative and inexpensive ways to update our small house and make it into a home. My husband and I live in a lovely suburban neighbourhood with our puppy Luther who always keeps us on our toes!

I blog because I love it, but that’s an obvious statement.  I started blogging because my husband told me that I have a lot to say (that was his nice way of saying what an opinionated person I am) and I should share it with the world.  He’s right – I do have a lot to say and you will notice the first two posts (after the “Hello World” post) on this blog were not at all about DIY projects or home decor – Post 1 and Post 2.  I do enjoy posts like that, and you’ll see in the “Life” category, I do include the occasional update that is strictly personal business – though if I am being perfectly honest, I almost find myself wishing I had more Life posts because I do want, more than anything, for this blog to be a real reflection of who I am and what I love.

I want to share what I know and what I learn (mostly because I always want to learn and would be a professional student if that was a real job).  My need/love for learning is what got me started on reading blogs, which soon became somewhat of an addiction – one which I have not yet been able to break!  There are so many talented bloggers out there, and they have tons of amazing information to share, so I spend an insane amount of time reading blogs – seriously…insane!  I started writing my own blog simply as a means to share all the jumbled thoughts that were in my brain, and after taking part in The Nester‘s 31-day challenge for the first time, The Learner Observer became a blog about my journey as a new home owner trying to make our house a stylish, unconventional, useful, mindful, uncluttered home.  Still working on it…