Learning to appriciate my mom

So Sunday is mothers day. And every year it's the same routine. I ask what my mom wants, she says a day of peace and quiet. And every single year, some huge event causes absolute rediculousness in my house. The funny thing is that there are no small children in my house ( THANK GOD! Did I just say that? Oops) to cause this. Last year it was a nasty bout of the flu, this year, we're moving and I'm going through a break up. But I wish she would say something other than peace and quiet. My mom does so much me. I appriciate her in ways I can't formulate into words. She is super mom. One day, I hope to be half the mom she is. And sometimes I feel guilty because I cop an attitude, and ignore what she says. My goal from this mothers day is to appriciate who my mom is and listen to her advice. To realize that my parents are getting older and I need to remember every moment, so one day when their gone, I have enough memories for a life time. Thanks mom for changing my diapers, nursing me back to health, dealing with my drama and bill and for most importantly, loving me for who I am. Until later, Samantha

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