Quinn, through Grandma's eyes

All of a sudden he's talking, seriously learning so quickly I just can't believe it.  When I get to Nikki's, I usually am greeted by her dogs Jessie and Sammy and Robert the cat.  They are ostracized for now because Quinn just doesn't understand that he can't grab tails and pull.  Hopefully, Mr. Q will grow out of this phase long before Gavin grows into it!

Back to the talking.  He shouts "HI" to me as soon as he sees me.  His playroom (the safe room) is in the back of the house and don't feel sorry for him, he has a pappazan chair and a leather sofa.  Today I came in and hugged him Hi and got handed the baby.  Right away Quinn shook his head and wagged his finger saying "no-no, mommy baby" he was so upset! But I always remind him I can hold him and the baby at the same time and it worked for a little while.  


What is he thinking?He's having a rough time adjusting to the baby.  Someone told Nikki that 16 month olds don't have the capacity to be jealous.  They were wrong.  He is adjusting though, I see progress every time I see them together.  

I'm in grandma heaven.  This is truly the best time of my life, so far.  


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