Learning to Live Aloud.... In my own skin!

Sometimes we make choices based on the fact that we're afraid to cross the lines that blur the freedom of being and personal revolutions.... But, we have to teach ourselves, our children, and those around us that.... It's ok to be! It's ok to be in your own skin And proclaim... Accept Me as I am and I you!

Too often we walk around anxious and perplexed by the the thought that we just may be a little different than our neighbor/colleagues, those around us.  I think it's something were conditioned to be.

But how do we recondition ourselves to allow... differences, creativity, freedom of true expression?  When do we stop and say... It is ok,...  for our differences make us unique and not cookie cutter, carbon copies of the generations before us.

Today I proclaim, I'm exercising the power of reason, living ALOUD! Drawing inferences of my own thought and expressions, not apprehensive to be shunned for my differences!


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